Our Products

We work very hard to bring you the top-quality trees that you and your kitties deserve.

From the beautiful handpicked Elm trees, to the quality of the carpet we choose to buy, we spend the extra time ensuring your tree is constructed using only the best materials.

The sisal rope is 3/8" thick and all natural. There are no chemicals or oil on our rope (which can be very harmful to your kitties since they lick their paws frequently). While most manufacturers use 1/4" oil based sisal twine or rope, we believe that the 3/8" is a better option because it's more durable. With the thicker all natural sisal rope, cats can scratch on it, and it lasts a long time! Cats love it!

We spend extra time on our trees as far as adding more limbs for more support, looks and style. We have a purrr-fect amount of sisal rope attached to the trees for the kitty's enjoyment.

However, there is an option to add more rope if you'd like. There is an upcharge. All natural sisal rope is more expensive, but it's the best choice for your pets' grooming purposes.

Disclaimer: Our Cat Furniture is built to last for our feline friends only! We are not responsible for any humans or other animals that want to hang out on the trees purchased