Where to purchase the best cat trees

Our cat trees can be purchased directly from us and at various pet shows in Wisconsin, or through Angel's Wish. Our trees are also available for purchase at Mad Cat in Madison and at Tabby & Jack's in Middleton.


Base Tree Pricing

  • Three Level: $125.00
  • Four Level: $160.00
  • Five Level: $190.00
  • Six Level: $230.00

Bed Pricing

Bed pricing is per bed
  • Scoop Bed: $25.00
  • 18" Flat Round Bed: $20.00
  • 24" Round Top Bed w/ Rim: $55.00
  • Tunnel w/ Diamond Hole: $75.00
  • Extra 3/8" Sisal rope: $15.00 per section
Delivery options are available and negotiable.

Cat Shows

We have been going to Cat shows in and around Wisconsin for years now. They're a great opportunity for us to learn what our Customer’s want for their cat’s needs. Cat Shows are very educational. From learning about the different breeds to the judging in the rings, it is quite impressive. You can follow us at the following shows.