The BEST Cat Trees from Paw Friendly Cat Furniture

Paw Friendly Cat Furniture is committed to providing you with the best cat tree that you and your kitties deserve.

Our cat trees are not just trees. They are built sturdy and strong, just like human furniture.

From the beautiful handpicked hardwood trees, to the quality of the carpet and sisal rope we use, we go the extra mile to ensure your cat stand is constructed to the highest standards.

In addition to the 4 sizes of cat trees shown below, we offer you your choice of 4 different styles of cat beds / perches (18" flat bed, 20" sturdily constructed scoop bed, 24" round bed with rim) or a tunnel with diamond hole that can be added to each level.

We spend extra time on our trees, adding more limbs for greater support and a better looking cat tree. We also add a purr-fect amount of sisal rope for your kitty's scratching enjoyment.

The sisal rope we use is 100% natural, chemical free and is 3/8" thick. Our rope is 50% thicker and more durable than the 1/4" oil based sisal rope that most other manufacturers use. This can be very harmful to your cats whenever they lick their paws. The thicker all natural sisal rope we use, provides a scratching post that lasts a long time, and cats love it!!

For additional cost, you can also add more rope if you'd like to create more scratching posts throughout your structure. All natural sisal rope is the best choice for your pet’s health and grooming pleasure.

Cat perched on cat tree.

Our trees are built by levels, with one bed per level.

32" Scratching Post

Tall Scratching Post

Satisfy your pet's natural instinct to claw with our cat scratching post. This healthy distraction aids in the shedding of old claw sheaths and helps keep furniture safe.

  • 32" or 36" tall
  • 100% 3/8" all natural sisal rope post
  • 16"x16" square wood base.
Three Level Cat Tree

Small Cat Tree

Our smallest cat stand is 4’ high, it is perfect for kittens, as well as adult cats. This cat tree includes your choice of 3 beds for each tier.

Four Level Cat Tree

Medium Cat Tree

This tree has four tiers. It stands approximately 5 ft tall. It is a perfect entry level tree for medium to large cat breeds. Select your choice of cat beds to make your kitty a great tree.

Five Level Cat Tree

Large Cat Condo

Our Cat Condo features 5 tiers on a 6 foot cat stand with your choice of 5 cat shelves or beds and sisal rope.

Six Level Cat Tree

Extra Tall Cat Tower

Our Extra Tall Cat Tower is 7 feet tall with 6 levels and your choice of 6 cat shelves / beds and 100% natural sisal rope!

• All sizes include 100% all natural sisal rope to transform any portion of your cat tree into an enjoyable scratching post for your cat.
• All cat trees are made using all natural hardwood in order to safely support the largest and heaviest of cats.

Do not sit on cat trees

Disclaimer: Our Cat Furniture is built to last for our feline friends only!
We are not responsible for any humans or other animals that want to hang out on the trees purchased.

Don’t settle for the low quality cat stands you can get from big box stores and other discounters.

Call Paw Friendly Cat Furniture, LLC at 608-712-1088 or use our contact form. Delivery options are available throughout the Madison area, or via Spee-Dee Delivery© rates for shipping to WI, IL, IA, MN, SD and ND, with limited service to NE (zips starting with 680, 681, 683 - 687) and Missouri (zips starting with 630 - 631 and 633). Starting April 8, 2024 Spee-Dee will also ship to Kansas City, Missouri (zips starting with 640 - 641) and Kansas City, Kansas (zips starting with 661 - 662) Click here to see Spee-Dee Service Area Map with Zip Code lookup to see if you're eligible for shipping.

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